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Click Here for a complete list of the upcoming events where you can expect to see Andrews Foodservice. Be sure to stop by our display and say hi!
Andrews Foodservice

Andrews Foodservice

Andrews Food Service maintains a massive inventoryAFS knows that precise inventory control is a must.  In 2007, we implemented a central computer based inventory control system.  With this wrist rocket technology we can unload product and keep immediate control of inventories as well as provide accurate and precise order fulfillment for all of our customers.

As a leader in the foodservice industry, AFS believes strongly in the importance of providing Southern Colorado and New Mexico with a home town foodservice distributor.

AFS has built a WIN-WIN-WIN philosophy which encompasses the idea that everything the company does has to benefit their customers, manufacturers and themselves.

Select Southern Colorado’s Largest Independent Foodservice Distributor, Andrews Foodservice Systems, going strong since 1926.

Andrews Food Service

We proudly distribute thousands of quality products to a variety of clients including:

  • Restaurants
  • Institutions
  • Schools
  • Retail Food Suppliers

If you're interested in getting service from Southern Colorado's largest independent foodservice distributor, contact us today at 719-543-3846